Pollyester mussten leider kurzfristig absagen – dafür spielen die wunderbaren Odd Couple!

(C) Benni Gerull – Pressefoto  //  Klick für Druckauflösung

Still pumped from series of shows to present their latest album, “City of O”, on the routes of Europe, Mexico and Canada, Pollyester is back with “Service / No Service”, a sound journey into pop surrealism and electrodadaism.

„Service / No Service“ says: when the world is falling apart, we need to write another song. Pollyester are not the globally acclaimed „Disco punk newcomers“ that they were ten years ago. Not anymore. Over the years, Pollyester touched audiences and dancefloors around the world with disco-infused beats and surrealist storytelling, quoting the music of a world-changing decade of sounds and anapologetically creating musical hybrids of pop and avantgarde.

Before the pop surrealism of „Service / No Service“, there was the cosmic krautpop of „City of O“. And before that, there was the disco punk of „Earthly Powers“.

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